AGENDA: Asics x THE24CLUB presents THE24CLUB Box

By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Wed,25/30/2013-19:05

asics -x-the24club-box-1

We are proud to announce our first official collaboration with Asics. The Swiss branch of the company approached us with the desire to give a little twist to the upcoming release of  the “Captains Blue” Gel Lyte III. So we came up with the idea to put the 2 sneakers into this limited handmade wooden box together with 4  THE24CLUB accessories, calling it “THE24CLUB Box”.

As an addition to the sneakers the „THE24CLUB Box“ includes a special version of the hyped RUN ZRH shirt, a 24 Bracelet also known as the 24 Essentials, a print by Oibel Art formerly known as MC Samurai and a Picasso Punk Mixtape by DJ Croma, each limited to 24 pieces in the THE24CLUB manner.

To celebrate the coming of Titolo, the release of THE24CLUB Box is planed at the legendary Talacker Bar on Thursday September 26., 2013. Sneakerheads are invited from 6pm on to have a toast with Titolo and THE24CLUB on the 24 box.

asics -x-the24club-box-2THE24CLUB Collectors Certificat

asics -x-the24club-box-3OibelArt Print

asics -x-the24club-box-4The 24 “Camo Pack” Bracelet by Nagard Tetsuya

asics -x-the24club-box-6Picasso Punk “Camo Pack” Mood Mix by DJ Croma

asics -x-the24club-box-5