AGENDA: RUN BGD JAM – Official Release

By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Thu,17/31/2016-10:40


You maybe heard about RUN BGD a while ago. Now it’s time to release your baby in a proper way. With the RUN BGD Jam which will be held on March 26th with artists from Belgrade & Zurich. The happening will be all over the city.

The idea is community building in a peaceful environment for the urban culture. Taking it back to the 4 Elements of Hip Hop. Graffiti & Bboy cypher at Osnovna Skola Skadarlija through the day. While this is going on, close to the school we’ll be also at BUZZ (Ušće) having a sneaker drawing competition. The artist will be able to win sneakers and other gear. After 4pm our friend and one of the best turntabelists in Serbia RAID is having a information day about his DJ Raidonica (, which you’ll be also able to participate, just drop him a mail. In the evening we’ll start the afterparty with many known urban local rap names like Juice, Sick Touch, Day Who, Hartmann & Mako Cya. After that the Picasso Punk Belgrade homies DJ Rokam & Laki will provide the good music in order to have a great night at KC Grad, Belgrade. So everything is step up for a fabulous day in the beautiful city of Belgrade.


Stay tuned for the RUN BGD track releases by Day Who and other infos through our channels.