#SUPPORTYOURLOCALS: DJ Swissivory – Real Dreams

By DJ Croma posted on Thu,04/31/2014-15:54

DJ Swissivory

You maybe already heard about DJ Swissivory and his upcoming Album #REALDREAMS. If not, let me tell you something about this international package.

I met Swissivory a couple of days ago to get some information about the project in order to bring it to the readers. Swissivory is a swiss based DJ born and raised on the Ivory Coast. The first time he got in touch with Hip Hop was in the late 90’s. Excited about the culture and the music, he already knew his goal was to be a part of the game. That was the beginning of him DJing and producing. In 2001, when his DJ career began, he was mainly playing at local college parties during his studies at Harvard and Boston University. His first real success as a club DJ came in 2005, when he got an opportunity to play as a backup DJ for Pup Dawg of JAM’N 94.5. After this happening DJ Swissivory quickly became a name as DJ in Boston.

Back in 2006 his life took a turn as he got the message that his mother (based in Switzerland) had a car accident, only to become fully paralyzed. So he decided to move back to Europe to be closer to her. This was definitely a key point in his life and it wasn’t easy, but her will to survive inspired him to pursue his dreams. Back in Switzerland  Swissivory began to rebuild his name, learning the language & the culture difference and also to start over again and get the right contacts.

Swissivory has been producing records for 15 years now but never officially released any music apart from a few remixes here and there. His real dream was to produce an album which would include well established artists, and also giving some rookies a chance to prove their talents.  After over 10 years as an DJ and some world tours, the time finally came do work on this dream!

#RealDreams stands for the struggle between real life and your dreams, always working in your real life to reach your dreams one day (Real vs. Dreams). Due to the fact that Swissivory has two totally different backgrounds you’ll find this differences in style on the album: underground vs. commercial acts, old school vs. new school artists, clubby vs. street anthems, boom-bap vs. dirty south beats and hardcore raps vs. R&B friendly artists.

#RealDreams includes 18 self-produced tracks that feature guest appearances by artists such as:

PapooseNo Malice (The Clipse)Cory Gunz (YMCMB)Cali Swag DistrictGunplay (Maybach Music, Group)Lenny Harold (Blackstreet 2)Ras KassEdo GCraig G, ReksTariahC-TruRobmusicJessy Shung Lee and many more… (You’ll hear lyrics in French, German, Italian and English).

His album #RealDreams will be released via Ryan Leslie’s New label. Coming 2015, exact date to be confirmed.


Already published tracks of the album and the new track with his own artist Tariah:

Swissivory – How We Roll ft. Papoose, C-Tru, Spits Nelson

(Single Release 16.09.14)

On this journey last summer, where he flew to New York to shoot the video, Swissivory met some names as Remy Martin, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J. It was nice to see how passionate he was while he was telling me these NYC stories about the experience to meet these people. How We Roll reached under the top 20 American & Canadian College radio charts.

Swissivory – Money Dance ft. Cali Swag District, Young Sixx

(Single Release 15.10.14)

Early June this year we all recived the message that the young rapper JayAre suffered from sickle cell anemia and was admitted to a hospital,  JayAre later went into cardiac arrest and died at only 25 years old. It was not planed to make a video shot of the song Money Dance but Swissivory feelt like he had to do a tribute for JayAre. The video was recorded in Switzerland and includes people form and around Zurich also the dance crew Ginseng & GDC. I realy like this song and it’s definitely in my club crates! You can buy Money Dance or download it for free, it’s a part of the tribute to give the track for free on soundcloud.

 Tariah – Wine Up Ft. Califorina’s own C-Tru (Prod. Robin Halley & Swissivory)

(Single Release 05.11.2014)

Wine Up is a project with his own artist “TARIAH” which is co-produced by Robin Hally and includes a feature with C-Tru. This song is produced for her own album.

Swissivory is a very nice and humble person, his story was very touching to me because I had some similar experience in my family. I was lucky and had the pleasure of listening to some not yet published songs and can tell you there is more heat coming.

We’re wishing him much success for the release of #RealDreams and for all his future projects.

You can find more infos about DJ Swissivory HERE