The khaderbai Beat Diaries – hamburg

By Roland Bergendy posted on Sat,30/31/2016-13:59


As mentioned in my earlier post, I, khaderbai, am travelling every month in order to visit the musicians that will perform at Le Flah in Zurich. This is not only an occasion to meet these beatmakers in person and to exchange last details regarding the show, but also to look over the shoulder of these very talented and often experienced producers. If time permits, I immediately try to incorporate any new tricks I’ve learned during these stays. In any case, the beat that I compose for every episode of the khaderbai Beat Diaries reflects my personal mood in the days right before the trip and the atmosphere I’m encountering during my trip.

Usually I sample and resample various sources the day before I leave. Sometimes I have an idea what to do with the sampled material, most times I don’t. Travelling usually entails waiting and sitting still, be it in an airplane, a train or a bus. During these waiting periods, I begin to chop and often even start sequencing the samples. As always, it is a trial and error creative process, but the look out of the window usually helps to focus on the sound I try to emulate.

In the case of ‚hamburg’, I was really looking forward to visit this city where I’ve never been before. This might be the reason, I’ve finally decided to use a rather bright sounding, cheerful sample. I came up with the vocal sample while walking the streets of Hamburg as I was listening to the original – Mad Skillz’ The Nod Factor – on my iPod. Against what one may think of me and my music, I’m far from listening exclusively to 90s boombap music, but the streets of Hamburg, the sights and many names were familiar to me from the hiphop music I’ve been listening to as a youngster. This might have been the reason, why I chose to listen to this particular and very great record.

Well.. samples and vocal sample came together, I stayed up long that night to work on some drums and on my third and last day in Hamburg I went through the old Elbe Tunnel and recorded this episode of the Beat Diaries with the Hamburg port in the background.