AGENDA: THE24CLUB at Sneakerness Zurich 2015

By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Wed,15/30/2015-07:02

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We are happy to announce that we’ll be representing THE24CLUB at this years Sneakerness in Zurich which will be held this weekend April 18. & 19. at Maag Event Hall. Our booth is in the center of the whole event next to the privat sellers, so we’re expecting you to pass by and say hi.

Lots of things are popping right now and we are in a constant reconstructions stage which hopefully will be over after the redesign of the page. For this event we’ll have RECONZH representing the shop, The Highness aka High Of Life with their latest “iPot” collection. Sneaker Navigator x Penis Hilton are releasing their collaboration with Ziggi Switzerland aka Smokers Excellence. Salon de Créativité is as always responsible for the conception and execution of the booth and our show. Visuals by Tetsuya Visuals. The Picasso Punks will be supporting through the whole event. We tried to visualize the squad in a graphic below. Take a look and enjoy the show.