#SUPPORTYOURLOCALS: Local Brand UTIL with their second collection SS 15

By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Thu,02/31/2015-06:59

The project UTIL goes into round 2. The University of Zurich Startup is getting bigger and stronger, working their way to their second collection consisting of button-downs, t-shrits and a necklace. Their peruvian garments are wisely choosen and put together in a cooperative effort through the year. The UTIL squad, 4 founders, all from different origins but one hearted with a passion to get their baby running. Here a portrait of the four members.


This years unisex collection is offering black and white basic t-shirts, a button downs in two colors (blue/red) with a so called band collar, is a standing band-shaped collar that encircles the neck without a full turndown or a collar “cape”. Check out pictures of the Istanbul editorial below.

UTIL_clothing_button-down_blue_ss-15 UTIL_clothing_button-down_burgundy_ss-15

The shark “Truffle N°1” necklace is another nice piece to round up their small collection. It’s a collaborative effort to support local artists. That means UTIL will be releasing a such called “Truffle” on the 21first each month in collaboration with a local artist. Stay tuned and check out the detailed shot of number uno below.


The last weeks Release at Ambos Rampe was a full success. Check out the pictures here.  The whole collection is now available online through their online store and at Cromwell Clothing Zurich & OLMO in Bern