THE CONCIERGE LIFE: Ziggi Papers Ljubljana Headquarters Visit

By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Mon,09/30/2014-09:33

Ziggi Headquater 1

Since I’ll head to Los Angeles for a while and my goal is to help my people where my roots are from, I had the chance to visit the Ziggi Papers Ljubljana Headquarters and meet Ziggi himself and the crew. They themselves working on expending their business everyday so Marko aka Dr. Marihuanovic, himself High Of Life Dj with a lot of funk in his blood, and I decided to take a short Trip to Ljubjlana in order to work on the future. 

They visit a full success. We had the chance to hear the whole history and get an idea how they work. Everything in made in-house in order to have full control of all business sectors. We really were vibing for the a minute and the meeting took us into the night. 

Ziggi Papers Headquater 2 Ziggi Papers Headquater 3 Ziggi Papers Headquater 4

Ziggi Papers Headquater 5 Ziggi Papers Headquater 6 Ziggi Papers Headquater 7Ziggi Papers Headquater 8

Be sure to check out their homepage and we’ll make sure you’ll keep up with our future projects here.