By Nagard Tetsuya posted on Thu,19/28/2015-08:31

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Picture by @abetone / Grafik by Tetsuya Visuals

As a part of THE24CLUB the “Sneaker Navigator” aka SNKR NVGT serves as a supporting tool for all those who want to know where specific releases are found or infos where hyped retro sneakers can be copped. This is the place where we like to inform you about upcoming releases, future sneaker exhibitions, local Sneaker Raffles, the history of the shoe game and of course footage of #THE24CLUBontour (check us out on Instagram @THE24CLUB) where sneakers can be found in various ways.

Sneaker Navigator - O.B.C.R.T.A

…is the manual to the whole philosophy we live. Obsession could be the start of a true love. Buying is writing the first chapter of more. Most of the times the collection is the next step. Reading and deeper hunger for information is most of the times the following move. Thinking about what you get and where it’s from maybe gives you a whole other angel to the subject. You will eventually fall in love with your object of desire and even become an addict. The journey is the reward.

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